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Colors of Cartagena

This is a city of art and beauty. The colors are mesmerizing. A vendor peeling and selling fresh fruit can be found on every corner. The scent in the air from a mixture of fresh flowers and food is intoxicating.

As we wandered through the historic streets of Cartagena today, it made me think of what the New Orleans French Quarter must have been like in the 1920's before it was overcome with revelers and tourists. The city also reminds me a little of Sevilla in Spain and Key West.

Today was how I pictured our travels would be. Slow and leisurely. We spent the morning in a cafe, enjoyed a museum and then a lunch of fresh fish where the locals dine. We explored courtyards and squares and peeked into open doorways that led to beautiful gardens and Ol took his beautiful photos.

FYI: todays expenses for lodging, food, museums $54USD

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