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Welcome to Ol Around the World

We're pioneering the way of living the Nex-Pat lifestyle!

Welcome to Ol Around the World, where every journey is an invitation to explore, discover, and connect with the world around us.


Founded by Oliver and Jennifer Diaz, our venture is fueled by a shared passion for exploration, adventure, and authentic experiences. Now retired, we would like to serve as an inspiration for others who are interested in a lifestyle of travel and adventure.


Oliver's illustrious career as a former Justice on the Supreme Court of Mississippi is marked by an unwavering commitment to justice and integrity. With experiences ranging from serving in the Mississippi Legislature, as a judge on the Mississippi Court of Appeals, to his role as a Presiding Justice on the Mississippi Supreme Court, Oliver brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to our adventures. His influence extends beyond the courtroom, with appearances on CNN, BBC, CSPAN, NPR, and other esteemed platforms, earning recognition in publications like the New York Times and Harper's Magazine.


A lifelong Mississippian, Oliver's roots run deep in the heart of the Magnolia State. He is not only a lawyer, judge, and small business owner but also a dedicated advocate for his community. With over 300 authored opinions and a trailblazing presence in legal discourse, Oliver's impact reverberates far beyond the confines of the courtroom.

Jennifer, with her entrepreneurial spirit and love for hospitality, adds warmth and creativity to our travels. As the former owner of Green Oaks Bed and Breakfast in Biloxi, Mississippi, she understands the importance of genuine connections and meaningful experiences. Her expertise in marketing and business brings a unique perspective to our adventures. She has appeared in Food and Wine, Travel and Leisure, Southern Living, Coastal Living, and Sky Magazine, along with various international travel publications.


Together, Oliver and Jennifer have crafted a life rich in purpose, curiosity, and shared experiences. From their picturesque home in Mississippi, to traversing the globe in search of new horizons, they embody the spirit of exploration and discovery. Whether hiking the John Muir Trail or immersing themselves in ancient cultures, their travels transcend mere destinations, weaving stories, connections, and memories along the way.


Join us as we embark on a journey of a lifetime, where every adventure is an opportunity to learn, grow, and inspire. From our small town roots in Mississippi to the vast landscapes of the world, Ol Around the World is a testament to the transformative power of travel. We invite you to explore, connect, and experience the world with us.

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