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Packed for Adventure

So here we are two years later with the bags all packed and in South America, where we will carry just what we need on our backs and in our hearts. We will live like the locals and see sights that we only dreamed of. We plan on living the majority of the year in countries where the cost of living is considerably less than the United States and then have money for lengthy visits to more expensive countries. It will not be your typical retirement. The kids will fly to meet us for Christmas and holidays when they can and we will travel home occasionally to see friends and family.

We hope to visit some of the most beautiful natural and man made sites in the world. We hope to keep up with our passions; cooking, writing and photography. We also hope to find projects along the way where we can volunteer to help others. We know from past experience, that through travel we will make new friends from all over the world. One of the reasons we wanted to keep a blog, was so family and friends can keep in touch. More importantly we wanted to document our journey, because we know time goes too fast. We know that one day the cypress rockers on our covered porch in Mississippi will call us home and we want to be able to look back and say, can you believe we did all of that! What ever made us think we could do that!

Don’t worry I promise I won’t have posts this long, because I will be too busy doing! I will save the books and movies for inclement weather. I will post about gear, food, logistics, budget. Please keep us in your prayers and if your find your feet getting itchy, I hope you will feel crazy enough to want to come along!

I am really excited that Oliver will get the time to pursue his photography Ol Around the World (hey, it was the hook). Now that I’ve made him an outdoorsman, my new challenge is to make him a more adventurous eater. His current food goal is to find the best General’s Chicken in the world. Again, you see what I have to work with. We are really looking forward to living like we are 21. We hope you will join us on our adventure, even if it is only on social media and it will have you thinking, we could do that!

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