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So much for slow travel. Today we visited all the places the Pope is set to visit on Sunday. We said our prayers and tried to purchase candles for Ol’s mom. Sorry Syl they only sell large candles!

We had an amazing lunch and then went to the new City which has a Miami Beach vibe, where we ventured into Caribe Jewels for an emerald tour, totally unappreciated by Oliver, but loved by me! It takes you on an “air conditioned” mine tour which leads through the emerald factory where workers are polishing and cutting stones. Then your guide ushers you into a showroom where your sweet husband is supposed to bedeck you with jewels like Cleopatra, the woman who made emeralds famous.

We enjoyed a rainbow and the sunset, from atop the walled city and then headed to plaza Santa Domingo for a light dinner of ceviche and cervezas and my first Colombian serenade.

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