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PackYour Bags

Did I forget to mention our flight out of New Orleans to Cartagena was only $135! Yes, $135 each on Spirit Airlines. New Orleans to Ft. Lauderdale to Cartagena. 7 hours.

Without a doubt this is one of the nicest flights we have had in years on a new plane with a first class seat. Did I mention it was a mere $135!

When we landed in Cartagena we were serenaded by our flight crew with the Spirit theme song. If this is a budget airline sign me up!

I have had several people ask me for travel tips. So here it is. Fly down for a three day weekend, have an amazing weekend in the sunny Caribbean. Come before the holidays when it is the off season. This is the equator the weather is the same all year.

Do your holiday shopping and pick up some beautiful handcrafted works of art. The savings will easily pay for the trip and I promise it will be food for your soul.

The savings will more than pay for your trip and it will easily cost less than a trip to NOLA, Oxford or Destin.

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